About Us

All canvas artwork for Colour on Canvas is designed and painted by owner artist, Kerry Bowler. All work is fully hand-painted and each piece is original (as no two pieces ever turn out exactly the same).

Following a further education in art and design, Kerry has been working as a professional artist for the last 8 years and has sold many paintings through galleries, local shops & restaurants, art shows throughout Yorkshire.

If you would like to commission a larger canvas to be painted especially, this can be arranged. Please simply get in touch with details of your requirements for an affordable quote!

We offer a friendly, personalised service and can adapt our canvas paintings to suit individual requirements - art to suit your decor, in any size or colours!

A lot of the canvas art you will see on this website is textured canvas art and metallic art. The metallic paints, especially when used over texture, really reflect and change in the different light, and we are sure you will find your canvas painting fascinating as it changes as it catches the light.

Purchasing directly from Kerry, at Colour-on-Canvas, means that no expensive gallery commission costs are added, so the prices charged are a lot more affordable!

If you don't see anything in our collection here suitable, Kerry is more than happy to take on commissions. Please contact Kerry on 01756 461682, or by email colouroncanvas@live.co.uk, to discuss your next affordable canvas painting.

Kerry Bowler Artist